Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lily's First Trip to Aggieland

This weekend we took Lily to see where she will be attending college in 18 years (class of 2034)!


Danny took the day off of work on Friday so we could get to College Station nice and early. Our first stop was a tent sale where Danny and I both got new A&M shirts for the game the next day. Then we headed to the Tap for lunch. This is Danny's favorite place to eat in College Station so we always have to go when we are in town. While the Tap is a restaurant, it is more well known as a bar so it felt a little funny walking in there with a baby!

Saturday was game day and we were up bright and early to go set up stuff at the tailgate!


Unfortunately it had rained all night and it was still raining pretty hard so the boys got soaked getting everything set up. Lily and I kept dry in the car and went to wait out the rain at Danny's aunt and uncles RV spot on the other side of campus.

About an hour before game time the rain slowed and Danny came over to get us and walk us over to the tailgate. Again, we looked like parents of the year taking a two month old baby to a tailgate while it was raining but in our defense she was wrapped up in a sling and I had a rain jacket on and we were going to be under tents all day so she never got a drop of rain on her!


We spent the day munching on food, chatting with friends and watching the Aggies kick some Razorback booty! I would say it was a pretty successful first trip to Aggieland for Lily!