Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Let's Talk Nail Polish

So here is a random fact about me: 98% of the time my finger and toe nails are painted. Actually, they are not just painted, but painted in a color that is coordinated to either the month or season of the year.

I know it is strange to coordinate my nails to the month or season of the year instead of my outfits but it actually works for me because I guess I subconsciously end up picking outfits that look good with my nail color so I also end up wearing seasonal colored clothes.

This all started around my junior year of college when I decided my nails and hands just looked better when I had some color on them. I would probably paint my nails twice a week in college because I hated for them to be chipped and I had tons of time on my hands. I even got my roomie Tori into my obsession and we spent many nights watching our favorite TV shows while polishing our nails.

I guess at some point over the past 6 years I got into the habit of seasonal color coordination.

Here is what my year in nail polish normally looks like:

January – Gray (I can’t remember what color I normally wear in Jan. but for 2011 I have decided it will be gray since that is kind of what it looks like outside during the month)

February – Pale pink in honor of Valentine’s Day

March & April – Spring has normally sprung in Texas so I wear a brighter shade of pink

May – It’s the last month before the summer months start so I step it up a notch with hot pink

June & July – Summer is here in full force so out with the pinks and in with the Corals but for 4th of July I get patriotic and go back to a bright red for a few days

August – A pinkish berry color. Not too bright since it is almost the end of summer but not too dark because it is not fall yet.

September, October and November – These months signify fall to me and fall means Aggie football. So, in honor of my beloved Aggies I normally wear some shade of maroon during these months.

December – Red for Christmas, duh

This year I have decided to get all new nail polish’s because I am so over all the ones I currently own. Plus, nail polish is only like $7 a bottle so it is cheap monthly treat for me, yay!

My new color for December is OPI An Affair in Red Square.

So far I am loving this color! It is a rich shade of red with a little bit of shimmer. Perfect for the holidays!


  1. Very Christmasy! I'm into a dark plum color right now :)

  2. hah. by far my favorite post of yours. as i said yesterday, you write EXACTLY how you talk and it cracks me up. i have blue on right now...but don't's TOTALLY chipped.