Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Great State of Rhode Island

Today is the 12th consecutive day I have been in Rhode Island for work.

Number of days until I get to go home = 7

Can't wait to be home to celebrate Fun Bobby's bday with all my besties!

Danny and I also became homeowners in the time since I have been gone so I can't wait to get home and see our new house!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

NYE and Winter Wonderland

Happy 2010! I totally missed the boat on a NYE post and a new years resolution post but since I don't really believe in resolutions I guess it isn't really a biggie.

Anyway, lets back track to NYE. This year Danny and I decided to be low key and stay at home for NYE. Lame, I know. I really missed hanging out with our friends since we have had such a blast on NYE for the past 2 years but we just bought a house so I am in total "save money so we can decorate it" mode and I am going to be out of town for the entire month of January so we needed some bonding time.

Now, I am in freezing Chicago for the week. Freezing is actually an understatement, it is well below freezing here. I think the wind chill yesterday morning was -8F. Here are some pictures from outside the hotel. I would have taken more but it is really hard when your hands are frozen.

Next week it is on to more cold weather since I will be headed to Woonsocket, Rhode Island where I will be for three straight weeks! Anyone ever heard of that place? Nope? Probably because there is nothing cool to do there. Thank goodness I am travelling with fun work friends Mandy and Eric. Hopefully we can sneak in a fun trip to Boston!