Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Baby Bling

Lily got her ears pierced yesterday. Here is a photo reenactment of how it went.

First Lily was like, "Oh my goodness, why would you do this to meeeeeeee. Ahhhhhhhhh!!!"


Then, "I am still very upset with you mommy, give me some space."


After a while she calmed down, "Yeah, I guess these things look nice. At least you sprung for the diamonds."


And finally, "I look gorgeous!!!"


Much Needed Support

Since Lily was about three weeks old I started walking on the treadmill to get some exercise and try to tone up after nine months of extreme stretching out. Walking and breastfeeding had helped me shed all the pounds from pregnancy but I still felt a little jiggly around the belly so I was so excited when I went to the doctor for my post-partum appointment last week and she cleared me for all types of exercise!

If I had my choice of exercise to do it would be yoga or I would go back to Pure Barre but both of those things are expensive and Danny tells me money doesn't grow on trees so I had to do something free. Running.

I got up bright and early the day after my doctors appointment and started my run on the treadmill when I realized I was in trouble. My sports bra was not cutting it! I might as well not have even been wearing one with all the bouncing that was going on. It never crossed my mind that I would need new sports bras so I turned to the Internet to find the most supportive sports bra I could find.

While spending $50 on a sports bra is not my idea of a fun way to spend my money, this sports bra is really amazing and totally worth the money!  I have used it a few times and am pleased to announce there is no more jiggle! I highly recommend it for any new mamas out there who need some extra support!