Friday, October 31, 2014

Two Weeks in Texas

We got back a week ago from spending two wonderful weeks in Texas. We were busy, busy, busy trying to cram in doctor's appointments, stocking up on things we needed to bring back to Morocco with us, seeing as many friends and family members as we could and having some fall fun!

Someone is getting a little too used to flying business class...
 photo IMG_8543_zps92d4fc58.jpg

10 hours later and no sleep, we made it to Dallas
 photo IMG_8547_zps2b5f8071.jpg

The next day we loaded up the car and headed to College Station. Of course, the TAP was our first stop!

 photo IMG_8562_zps9dc2a144.jpg  photo IMG_8573_zps2225b925.jpg  photo IMG_8581_zpsa240586e.jpg

She could have hugged this giant Reveille for hours

 photo IMG_8580_zps855508b3.jpg

A little pre game dancing in the flag room

 photo IMG_8588_zps586ef494.jpg  photo IMG_8590_zps07da2e83.jpg  photo IMG_8598_zps2b0e2f2c.jpg  photo IMG_8601_zpsce17a904.jpg

Back in Dallas to spend time with our besties

 photo IMG_8614_zpsa66d80b5.jpg  photo IMG_8619_zps7503a247.jpg  photo IMG_8628_zpse92dbcf6.jpg

Family Fair Day!

 photo FullSizeRender-2copy2_zps21c985db.jpg

Lily loves animals so she was in heaven in the petting zoo

 photo FullSizeRender_zps2a9ff2e7.jpg  photo FullSizeRender-2_zps097ec888.jpg  photo FullSizeRender-3_zpsbc07a19d.jpg  photo IMG_8713_zpsc206e759.jpg  photo IMG_8715_zps85e4db1e.jpg  photo IMG_8717_zpscc867c20.jpg  photo IMG_8687_zps52b064d3.jpg  photo IMG_8646_zps04b9cc45.jpg  photo IMG_8657_zpsf02d00e0.jpg  photo IMG_8658_zpsbc93df9a.jpg  photo IMG_8659_zpscbcb6504.jpg  photo IMG_8670_zps9e0ff8a8.jpg  photo FullSizeRender-2copy_zps040c66af.jpg

Back to the airport to fly to Bownsville for a few days

 photo IMG_8739_zpsd91d898d.jpg

Family Zoo Day!

 photo IMG_8775_zps60186def.jpg  photo IMG_8789_zps8258e54e.jpg  photo IMG_8757_zpsddfd6f55.jpg  photo IMG_8823_zps40aa7f83.jpg  photo IMG_8825_zpsa6104c09.jpg  photo IMG_8835_zpscf953b7b.jpg  photo IMG_8874_zpsad687d2f.jpg  photo IMG_8855_zps6942de92.jpg  photo IMG_8864_zps658db00b.jpg  photo IMG_8863_zpsf916f29b.jpg  photo IMG_8870_zpsabf1f39e.jpg

Sweet talking Granpy into buying her an orangutan

 photo IMG_8872_zps901321a0.jpg

In Kingsville to visit Queenie and go to her 3 year anniversary mass

 photo IMG_8889_zps6152208f.jpg  photo IMG_8890_zps1a5ca11a.jpg

Making sure the flowers are just right!

 photo IMG_8895_zps4fc9acad.jpg  photo IMG_8894_zpsd7869eda.jpg  photo IMG_8901_zpsd2190edd.jpg  photo IMG_8908_zps60e485f9.jpg

Another day, another airport. Flying back to Dallas.

 photo IMG_8923_zpsc08e95b6.jpg  photo IMG_8928_zps40326bbe.jpg

Fun night with some of our very favorite people and baby besties!

 photo IMG_8944_zpsc2abf08e.jpg  photo IMG_8953_zps781ab27e.jpg

A quick stop at a pumpkin patch so we could get a little fall fix and our yearly pumpkin pic

 photo IMG_8981_zps305a9be5.jpg  photo IMG_8975_zps148e6e46.jpg  photo IMG_8977_zps0986985a.jpg  photo IMG_8969_zps8fcc55e0.jpg  photo IMG_8984_zps08b6162d.jpg  photo IMG_8982_zps5ceca6aa.jpg

Shenanigans with Parker and Hannah. These three are wild together!

 photo IMG_9026_zps8dee536c.jpg  photo IMG_9028_zps20779af3.jpg

One last trip to the mall…

 photo IMG_8937_zpsf5f53a69.jpg

Waiting for our flight back to Morocco

 photo IMG_9047_zps08528b4e.jpg  photo IMG_9049_zps5c4e1990.jpg

Feeling pretty good during our layover in Paris even with only one hour of sleep

 photo IMG_9052_zps73f24a21.jpg  photo IMG_9050_zps71be337a.jpg

Not so much during our layover in Casablanca

 photo IMG_9058_zps125a038f.jpg

Home sweet home! Our bags didn't make it to Morocco with us but we made it back with minimal tears and came home to a nice little dinner!

 photo IMG_9061_zps2e16a387.jpg

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