Monday, August 17, 2009

Birthday Fun!

Today is Kiki's 25th birthday. Happy Birthday Kiki!!! This past weekend we got together to celebrate and had a blast!

We started off at Times Ten Cellars. None of us had ever been there and it turns out there was an engagement party for someone named Kristin and Travis in the party room that is right next to the parking lot. Every single person who was going to Kiki's bday walked into that engagement party by mistake! Lucky for everyone else, they all came in pairs but I was solo that night so I walked into that party alone! I was sooo embarrassed.

Anyway, once we all actually got to the right place we ate great food (made by Kiki), had many bottles of wine and a delicious cake!

After we had all the fun we could at the wine bar, we headed down the street to The Old Monk (where many great memories have been made). It was such a fun night and I am so glad I got to be there to help the birthday girl celebrate!

Kiki is the baby of the group so she was the last one to turn 25. Now we have to start planning all the 26th birthday parties! We are getting so old!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bye Bye Fat!

This arrived in my mailbox yesterday

It claims that you can lose up to 20 pounds in thirty days. I don't believe that for a second. I am going to test it out and see if I can lose 10 pounds in 120 days. I like to take things nice and slow.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happily Ever After

This past weekend I flew down to south Texas to celebrate 60 years of marriage for these two lovebirds!

We started off the celebration by going to mass on Saturday afternoon. To make it extra special we went to the same church they got married in 60 years ago. After church we all headed out to eat dinner at King's Inn. This place is soooo yummy and has the biggest fried shrimp you have ever seen.
Here are my grandparents when I told them to kiss so I could take a picture.

Granddaddy looks excited while Mom looks slightly embarrassed.

Here they are after the big kiss. They didn't understand that they had to hold the pose so I could get a good picture so I only have the before and after.

I can only hope that I have a smile on my face like that when Danny and I have been married for 60 years!
Congrats Mom and Granddaddy!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Some days...

I wish I were a puppy...

Monday, August 3, 2009

Weekend Wrap- up

The weekends around here always fly by way too fast. This weekend wasn’t any different, but it was great because we did get some exciting news!

Saturday night we had our monthly girls dinner night over at Katie’s house. Dinner nights always have a theme and this months was Tapas! The food was so great and we always have a great time sitting around talking and being silly girls.

Anyway, once we were all there sneaky Katie gets up and tells us that she and Mike got engaged!!!! They got engaged on Thursday night and she kept it a secret for two whole days! She wasn’t wearing her ring when we got there but went to slip it on right before they told us. She is such a planner! We are all so excited for them and we are also excited that there is a high probability that the wedding will be in Hawaii!

Here is the happy couple!

Also at dinner I asked some of the girls to be my bridesmaids. I can’t tell you how I did it because not everyone has gotten their surprise yet but it is pretty cute if I do say so myself! I will post pictures as soon as all of the girls find out!

Yesterday Danny spent most of the day moving furniture into my house so I could get my guest room set up. I won’t really have my first official guest until October when Ash comes up for the weekend, but I like to be prepared. Here is the finished product.

Your room is waiting for you, Ash!!!