Friday, June 13, 2014

Mingo, Mingo on the Wall

Lily is really into 4 things right now; flamingos (mingos), puppies, mickey mouse and Disney movies.

Yesterday, when Lily and I were at the beach,  I saw an artist who had a really pretty painting of flamingos. It caught my attention right away because normally the street artists here sell pictures of camels and goats in trees so the pink flamingos really stood out.

I didn't have any money with me (pretend you didn't read that, dad) but I had to have it for my mingo loving girl, so I went back by today to buy it.

After Lily got up from her nap we got to work on getting it up on her wall.

I worked while she climbed in and out of this basket.

 photo photo1_zpsa540709f.jpg

I added the painting and a couple of other little souvenirs we have picked up in the past few months to the right edge of her gallery wall above her bookshelf.

 photo photo2_zps4201dfa5.jpg  photo photo3_zpsf9fb4bae.jpg

Lily loved it and tried to climb up on her bookshelf to get a closer look.

 photo photo4_zps10b50a49.jpg

About 30 seconds later she was over her new artwork, picked up Hippity Hop, put on her sunglasses (upside down), said "nana, please" (translation, "banana please") and marched out of her room.

 photo photo5_zpsd773fd82.jpg

Food first, flamingos later.
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