Thursday, July 22, 2010

Things my Husband Says

So I know I totally still need to do a honeymoon picture post and a post about what has been going on in my life since I became an old married lady, but this morning Danny said something really funny/bizarre that made me laugh/question his desire to stay married to me.

A little back story. Danny quit his job last week and does not start his new job until next week so he basically has two weeks of vacation. Since he has so much free time on his hands we decided to put hardwood floors in our house and finish up a few other small projects. Also, since he is a stay at home husband, he has been making my lunch for me to take to work in the mornings. Super cute, I know.

Anyway, I walked into the kitchen this morning while Danny was finishing up my lunch and the following took place:

Danny: Oh, you smell good!

Me: Thanks! It is my new perfume. You like it?

Danny: Yeah, it covers up your stench.

He is so romantic.

P.S. I do not really have a stench!