Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Dinner

Danny had to work this weekend so nothing exciting happened over here. I did, however, manage to put together a pretty awesome little dinner tonight.

Salmon, asparagus with hollandaise, and cilantro lime cauliflower rice.

 photo photo2_zpsa44b48f3.jpg

And for dessert, oreo shakes with whipped cream

 photo photo3_zps4c26dd26.jpg

 photo photo4_zps7107a952.jpg

I had two pretty satisfied customers!

 photo photo5_zps38dd0e06.jpg

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Moroccan Birthday Party

Saturday night we went to our first Moroccan birthday party. Our housekeepers oldest daughter was turning 14 and they planned a big party for her and invited us. Normally, this would be something I would try hard to get out of. I don't' like going places where I don't know anyone else or what to expect or understand what anyone else in the room is saying. Unfortunately, I couldn't think of any excuse to get us out of the party and it is apparently really rude to turn down an invitation to someone's home in this culture so we went.

It was fun but a little bizarre.

Everyone was so nice but we were probably the first Americans to ever step foot in this house. Everyone wanted to take pictures of us and with us, especially Lily. You would have thought that it was a party for her! She was probably in 95% of the pictures taken at the party that night.

 photo DSC07090_zpsf2aeecad.jpg  photo DSC07133_zpsbe46eebb.jpg

We got the VIP treatment and ate a delicious dinner in a separate room with a just a few other people. The rest of the guests ate after we were done. This is another reason events like this are a little awkward for us. People go overboard when they know we are coming and do things that are beyond their means. We feel horrible when we know someone has spent extra money to do something special because of us. Another cultural thing we have to get used to.

After dinner we had a little dance party which Lily of course loved. That girl could probably dance until midnight if we let her!

 photo DSC07159_zps0f0d00f6.jpg  photo DSC07157_zpsfcc9ee2a.jpg  photo DSC07163_zps5f853687.jpg  photo DSC07169_zpsb2ab3959.jpg

Danny literally may kill me for posting this, but he got in on the dancing too! Anyone who has been to a wedding with us knows that Danny really loves to dance and has some pretty good moves. Not sure he felt 100% comfortable dancing with Hayat's husband though, haha!

We ended the night with birthday cake and juice before heading home at 10 pm. We were the first to leave. Apparently, Moroccans like to party!

 photo DSC07193_zpsadb751fe.jpg
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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Beach BBQ

Last Saturday we spent the day at a quiet beach about 20 minutes away from our house. We took all the supplies we would need to have a BBQ chicken lunch and had a great time!

 photo photo1_zps0f6d8f33.jpg

 photo photo3_zps652a1624.jpg

 photo photo2_zpsbb56c677.jpg

 photo photo4_zpsd2fe3be9.jpg

Our BBQ pit

 photo photo5_zpsca11cb91.jpg

 photo photo1copy4_zps8cc5b35f.jpg

 photo photo3copy4_zpsad812645.jpg

Lily had a little avocado appetizer

 photo photo4copy3_zps173b0004.jpg

 photo photo5-2copy3_zps0957f304.jpg

After our late lunch it was time for Lily to nap, so I walked the beach until she fell asleep.

 photo photo2copy2_zps6328b5ed.jpg

Some beach tennis while Lil napped.

 photo photo1copy2_zps819aa11a.jpg

 photo photo3copy2_zps2d876c2e.jpg

 photo photo5-2copy_zps5bd71885.jpg

Since it was pretty windy we camped out behind a huge rock which turned out to be made of sand and shells.
 photo photo4copy_zps242a453c.jpg  photo photo3copy3_zps8ec5dd91.jpg
 photo photo4copy2_zpsef863670.jpg
 photo photo1copy3_zps7c2b75b3.jpg
 photo photo2copy3_zps2e449e61.jpg
Some rock climbing

 photo photo1copy_zps837a6cdb.jpg  photo photo2copy_zps541b04f7.jpg  photo photo3copy_zps725dc7a4.jpg  photo photo4_zps2a3bd861.jpg  photo photo5-2_zps4d306346.jpg

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Bed Head

Post afternoon nap Lily has an extreme case of bed head and is so sweet.

 photo photo1_zps6f11b98b.jpg

 Rocking her baby…

 photo photo2_zps620dd502.jpg

Then throwing her on the floor.

 photo photo3_zps46187b6e.jpg

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Paradise Valley

The weather here is too perfect to stay indoors, so we made the 40 minute trip on Saturday to a place called Paradise Valley.

Paradise Valley is up in the mountains and once you get to the entrance you have about a 30 minute walk/hike to get to the small waterfalls and diving pools. Apparently, back in the day, a sick German couple went up there and stayed for 6 months and went back to Germany completely cured so they told everyone that this place had mystical healing powers and it was paradise so that is how it got its name!

 photo 20140301_103457_zpsbf8843b2.jpg
 photo 20140301_103816_zps01dd79a1.jpg

Don't be fooled, that dog is not Ender. She was just a local dog who followed us around for part of the day.

 photo IMG_0666_zps525c9a6c.jpg  photo 20140301_105740_zpsc80121d5.jpg
 photo 20140301_105752_zpsf154d950.jpg  photo photo-2_zps37d21da8.jpg
 photo IMG_0711_zps4efcbd8a.jpg  photo 20140301_121450_zps7f4ba6fb.jpg  photo photo-3_zps43fd52d7.jpg

Lily looooves water. All she wanted to do was get in this water and play, but it was freezing cold. We had to restrain her most of the day.

 photo 20140301_124850_zps91f05e50.jpg  photo 20140301_124909_zps95914a52.jpg  photo 20140301_124921_zpsbe6289aa.jpg
 photo IMG_0719_zps6d907038.jpg

On our walk back to the car we stopped to have a some moroccan tea and a snack.

 photo IMG_0726_zpsd5f0bc4b.jpg
 photo 20140301_130558_zps166c24f2.jpg

We were way past nap time at this point so Lily took a quick snooze in her carrier while I huffed and puffed back up the mountain.
 photo 20140301_141001_zps4fe5e348.jpg  photo 20140301_141007_zpse134ef42.jpg

Sunday we walked from our house to the beach and then walked up the boardwalk for about 2 miles before we let Lily out to play in the sand. Then we hit up the Mcdonald's for lunch and the ice creme stand for a little treat.

 photo photo-2_zpse28470ef.jpg  photo photo-2copy_zpsfe322003.jpg

Lily has been the sweetest little angel the past few weeks. She has always been really happy and good natured, but she is really putting on the charm and melting us these days!

We are all still enjoying life here in Morocco. Technology has made this so much easier on us. We FaceTime with my dad every night before bed and with Danny's parents pretty frequently as well. We have even face timed with our grandmas which is awesome. I still get to text with my girlfriends throughout the day also, so it makes it seem like we aren't that far away! It also helps that we will be back in Texas for a visit in less than 2 months! You better believe I am already making a list of places we need to eat and things we need to do. I have also gone a little crazy with the online shopping and my inlaws said I have a pile of packages at their house about 2 feet wide by 3 feet tall so it is going to be like Christmas when we get home!

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