Friday, July 18, 2014

Six Month Moroccaversary

As of today, we have been living in Morocco for six months. Some days I love it and some days I want to click my heels together three times and get outta here! But, at the end each day, I am lucky to be able to start my prayers with "Thank you God for keeping us safe, happy and healthy." I can't really ask for more than that.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we went out to the medina and had ftour which is the meal that breaks the fasting for the day during Ramadan and happens at sunset. It was a beautiful night and the food was really delicious. The perfect way to celebrate our big day!

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Going Greek - Santorini

After two full days in Athens, we caught a short 30 minute flight to Santorini.

 photo photo1_zpse8dd9567.jpg  photo photo-3_zpsa5848d1b.jpg

We spent our first five days in Santorini up on the cliffs with a beautiful view of the caldera and then moved to a hotel down by the beach on the other side of the island for the next five days.

The hotel for the first part of Santorini was Celestia Grand Villas. They had amazing views and we had a beautiful two bedroom villa with our own private pool.

 photo photo3_zps2941ba3f.jpg

 photo photo4_zps3fa54838.jpg

 photo photo2_zps85ed4e2c.jpg

Checking out the view from our patio.

 photo DSC08402_zps6875e306.jpg

The private pool was awesome. We could put Lily down for her afternoon nap and then head right outside to enjoy the pool without having a toddler hanging on our necks.

 photo DSC08414_zps74dff089.jpg

The hotel also served us breakfast on our patio every morning.

 photo DSC08611_zps3dbf6b40.jpg

Lily was spoiled rotten by the staff here and had hot chocolate for breakfast every morning which gave her a nice mustache. She was crying over something before we took this picture so she was pointing out her tear. She is crazy.

 photo DSC08621_zps5b917940.jpg

 photo DSC08596_zps6ac05e12.jpg

I put Lily to work pushing me on the hammock. She has to earn her keep somehow.

 photo photo5_zps12878338.jpg

On our first full day in Santorini, we went on a 5 hour catamaran ride. I am sure all the passengers on the boat thought we were crazy for taking a toddler on such a long boat trip, but she did awesome and loved it. She didn't cry until we pulled up to the dock to get off the boat. By that time she was about 3 hours past her nap so I couldn't really blame her.

 photo DSC08455_zpse599f6eb.jpg

 photo DSC08472_zpscbde1ece.jpg

 photo DSC08483_zps8d950c04.jpg

Lily LOVED the water. The boat stopped three different times to let us swim around and she was so excited to get in every time even though it was pretty cold.

 photo DSC08507_zpsf0b88ca2.jpg

 photo DSC08570_zps30918684.jpg

We had lunch on the boat and it was probably the best food we had the entire trip!

 photo DSC08545_zps01ccce39.jpg

This yacht was named Delma. Fun little surprise reminding me that my mom is always with us.

 photo DSC08544_zpsfb7e41ed.jpg

The next day we went into the town of Fira to do the most important thing of the whole trip… ride donkeys!

We started by riding the cable car down to the base of the cliff.

 photo DSC08631_zps0c2bcfa7.jpg

 photo DSC08635_zps4d048c93.jpg  photo DSC08648_zps03b5b2aa.jpg  photo DSC08655_zpsb6884597.jpg

I was a little worried that the donkey riding was going to be an epic fail. Lily and her little friends here in Agadir go to ride the ponies at an equestrian school once a week. Well, the other little girls ride the pony. Lily cries when I try and put her on him so she just ends up playing in the dirt. Because of that, I was worried that she would start crying and freaking out the minute we tried to get her on the donkey.

We decided that she would ride with Danny because he would be able to hold on to her tighter if she started to flail around.

 photo DSC08679_zps4cbaf000.jpg

 photo DSC08667_zps2c88d964.jpg

As you can see, Lily loved it! My donkey was walking pretty far ahead of Danny and Lily but he said she was so happy the whole ride.

 photo DSC08697_zps59eee7a4.jpg

 photo photo-5_zpsf91a107c.jpg

We made it to the top!

 photo DSC08716_zps78abdbf4.jpg

The excitement of the donkey ride wore Lily out.

 photo photo3-2_zps1724d7b8.jpg

Our next stop was a fish pedicure for me. Totally not worth the money but still fun.

 photo DSC08726_zps5d168d9a.jpg

For dinner that evening we went to have mexican food at SeƱor Zorba. We thought the food was actually really good. Danny wanted to go back for dinner again the next night!

 photo photo5-2_zps0a88a57f.jpg

Enjoying a virgin cocktail.

 photo photo4-2_zpse7b7d1b7.jpg

Watching the sunset

 photo photo1copy2_zps81743351.jpg

The next day we hung around the hotel and swam and relaxed until it was time for dinner .

 photo DSC08626_zps153199ff.jpg

 photo photo1-3_zpscc9de6f0.jpg

 photo photo-4_zps78e0401d.jpg

On our last full day on this side of the island we rented a car and drove to Oia.

 photo DSC08737_zps8bec20f1.jpg

 photo DSC08746_zps5864391f.jpg

 photo DSC08754_zpseaa720ec.jpg

 photo DSC08773_zpsa0a83b98.jpg

 photo DSC08777_zpsf9f92ac2.jpg

 photo DSC08784_zps46de1bb3.jpg

 photo photo2copy2_zpsa5ec44ef.jpg

The next morning we checked out of our lovely villa and went to stay at the Santorini Kastelli Resort in Kamari beach.

We basically did the same thing everyday for the next five days: breakfast, beach, lunch, nap, swim, dinner. It was wonderful!

 photo photo3-2_zpseb06308f.jpg

 photo photo1-3_zps5adb4e1d.jpg

 photo photo4_zpsc912812b.jpg

Lily was feeling very European and decided to go topless.

 photo DSC08847_zps592511b6.jpg

 photo DSC08852_zpsce3a2814.jpg

 photo photo1_zpsc205b362.jpg

 photo photo2_zpscf442818.jpg

 photo photo3_zpsf2fde349.jpg

At the hotel we had a semi private pool that we shared with 3 other rooms. It was nice and small and not too deep so this is where we played every afternoon after Lily woke up from her nap.

 photo photo4copy_zps38fc6e3e.jpg

 photo photo3copy2_zps98ab08d2.jpg

 photo photo5copy_zps5e9766b5.jpg

 photo DSC08809_zps0f7dbc9f.jpg

 photo DSC08823_zps48612583.jpg

 photo DSC08818_zpsd41e6edb.jpg

 photo photo1copy_zpsf5586d3b.jpg

 photo DSC08841_zps107c7880.jpg

After two weeks, vacation was over and it was time to come back home.

And, like at the end of most trips, we vow never travel with Lily again (she was HORRIBLE on our 6 am flight from Paris to Agadir).

 photo photo3copy_zps7af34c43.jpg

But, then I look at the beautiful memories we made together and decide it was worth it!

 photo DSC08450_zps70935cea.jpg

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