Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas came and went so fast for me this year! We were so busy packing up the house and traveling  that I feel like I didn't really get to soak it all in. Lily is still too young to really get excited about Christmas but she still managed to enjoy herself!

Danny and Lily surprised me when I got back in town from a bachelorette party with a Christmas tree and stockings in the apartment! It was so sweet and helped make this Christmas feel a little more normal for us.

 photo DSC06064_zpsce38deee.jpg

We headed out for Christmas Eve mass and of course church was packed so we had to stand the entire time. Surprisingly, Lily was really well behaved and made it through the entire thing. She looked like a little angel baby!

 photo photo-3_zps38d57f6b.jpg

After church we picked up dinner and changed into our Christmas pajamas for a cozy night in while we waited for Santa.

 photo DSC06093_zps775a1721.jpg

Lily doesn't watch much TV, but she did manage to sit still for about 5 minutes of The Polar Express.

 photo photo-7_zpsfa2da357.jpg
 photo photo-4_zps330e596f.jpg

Before Lily had to go to bed, we set out our cookies and milk for Santa. Of course, Lily had to do a little taste test. Two minutes after this picture was taken she erupted into tears when we took her off the table to take her to bed. It's all smiles until you take a toddler away from a plate full of cookies!

 photo photo-5_zpsc62fb48f.jpg

Hugs for her new doll.

 photo DSC06142_zpse2b2fdbd.jpg
 photo photo-2_zps5bcadf75.jpg

After presents, we got dressed and headed to the grandparents house for lunch with the family. The wild animals patiently waited for lunch.

 photo photo-6_zpsd3a31890.jpg

Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas. Now it's time to get ready for all that 2014 has in store!
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Thursday, December 26, 2013

One Last Look

We officially moved out of our house last week. As I was getting the house all cleaned up, I caught Lily taking a peek out of the front windows. I ran to grab my phone to get some pictures of her. This was her favorite spot in the whole house. I would find her here countless times a day either sitting on the ledge talking to her toys, standing on the ledge to get a better look outside, slamming the shutters open and closed or just licking the window (babies are gross).

 photo photo-2_zpsa7c40ca6.jpg

So glad I caught her in her favorite spot one last time!
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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Packing up the Pieces

Today we started the process of moving out of our house. Well, the process didn't really start today. I have been de-cluttering, organizing, cleaning, and re-organizing what Lily pulls out for what seems like forever! But today, the movers came and started to actually pack up our stuff and take it away.

They took our air shipment today, tomorrow it is our sea shipment and Thursday they will take what goes to storage and will leave us with an empty house.

The movers took Lily's high chair so we had to have a picnic on the kitchen floor for dinner. We were super fancy and had a banana, string cheese and a hot pocket. Lily was really into that hot pocket.

 photo photo-3_zps429e0e46.jpg
 photo photo-2_zps6d4b2287.jpg

It feels really strange to be living in a half empty house. It kind of feels like this isn't really even our home since there are no pictures on the walls, the dogs aren't here, the bedrooms and closets are empty and we don't have our Christmas decorations up. Maybe that will make it a little easier for me to drive away from the house that we have loved for the past 4 years in a couple of days.

Until then, I have a toddler tornado to try and keep out of the way of the movers. Wish me luck!
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Monday, December 2, 2013

It's December!

I love December! It is so much fun when you are little kid and then as you get older it becomes not as exciting but then you have kids and it becomes amazing all over again!

We kicked off December Eve with pictures with Santa. I was worried Lily might not cooperate since our picture time was really close to her nap time and because Santa probably doesn't look like a normal person to a one year old but she did great. We didn't get any smiles but she stayed calm and looked at the camera which is really all you can hope for with a toddler.

 photo DSC05977_zpsd37d34ed.jpg
 photo DSC05989_zps6e70524c.jpg

It is crazy how much she has changed since last year!

 photo photo-2_zps6fa4b760.jpg

The next morning we welcomed the month of December with a snowman breakfast in our Christmas pajamas. Lily doesn't normally get to eat junk food, especially for breakfast, so she scarfed down her snowman as fast as she could! I am pretty sure she ate more powdered donuts than I did.

 photo DSC05994_zps60eb4a86.jpg
 photo DSC05995_zpsd5593c81.jpg
 photo DSC05998_zpsd2020bcb.jpg  photo DSC05999_zpsf8633836.jpg

Can't wait for more holiday fun with my favorite little elf!

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

This year we started our Thanksgiving celebrations a little early with a super fun Friendsgiving potluck with some of our very best friends! We are so going to miss these beautiful people!

 photo DSC05867_zps583e4376.jpg
This year we did Thanksgiving with my family, so we loaded up the car early in the week and made the 9 hour drive down to Kingsville and Brownsville. We ate so much the whole time we were there that I don't think there was ever a time I actually felt hungry the entire week! We always over eat when we go there and throwing in Thanksgiving food put us over the top.

 photo 42406d72-390a-442d-84b4-26e2e74a5b8d_zps74ac0f80.jpg
Lily was so great the entire trip. She was pretty good in the car and was so friendly to everyone even through she only sees my family every few months. I just love that about her!

 photo photo-4_zpsc1e6be2d.jpg  photo photo-3_zps630e137c.jpg  photo photo-5_zps1e398bd4.jpg

We have so much to be thankful for!

 photo DSC05968_zpsd5214637.jpg
 photo DSC05951_zps629d0dc2.jpg

Now it's time to start getting ready for the most WONDERFUL time of the year!

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