Sunday, May 22, 2011

Call Me Pablo

Picasso that is.

A couple of weekends ago I headed to Houston to spend some quality time with my bestie and we decided to take a painting class at Pinot's Palette. The class offered that weekend happened to be a paint your pet project and we both happen to love our pets so we were super excited!

Ash had taken a couple of these types of classes before and is really artistic (our teacher even told her she was very precise) but I was really nervous about how my painting would turn out since I am not that artistic and I am not known for my patience. We ended up having a blast and I was pleasantly surprised at how well my painting turned out!

Ashley and I with our masterpieces!

I was so proud of my painting that I decided it needed to be framed and hung up on the living room wall. It is going to be the centerpiece of the gallery wall we are working on putting up! Crazy, I know, but what else am I supposed to do with it?!?! I worked hard on that thing and it needs to be displayed in a prominent place.

Look at that resemblance!

If you are feeling sorry for Ender because he doesn't have a giant portrait of himself hanging on our wall, don't be. Danny is going to paint a picture of him so he won't be left out.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Way to My Heart

Today I came home after work, opened the fridge, and saw this

Pickles and skittles!!! No, I am not preggo, I just really like random food combinations that everyone else thinks are gross.

My sweet sweet husband went to the store earlier in the day and remembered that I had been talking/crying about wanting pickles and skittles for the past few days so he surprised me with some!

I was totally shocked because he never remembers any of the important stuff I tell him. I guess he has just learned that the way to my heart is making sure I have the supplies on hand for my random snack cravings!