Thursday, December 18, 2014

Moroccan Wedding

This past weekend we hosted our driver's wedding at our house. There were over 200 people here,  about 6 different outfit changes for the bride and at least 3 for the groom and the loudest music I have ever heard. I am not going to pretend like I knew what was going on at all so I can offer no explanations on most of the pictures below!

Our little Moroccan princess!

 photo IMG_9557copy_zpsdb5e0600.jpg  photo DSC00184copy_zps8a40fe1c.jpg  photo DSC00194copy_zps7899a21a.jpg

The bride getting her henna done.

 photo DSC00212copy_zps0e404523.jpg

Here comes the groom! This was about a 20 minute parade with musicians dancing all the way down our street. Ahmed's sisters and sister in law are walking up carrying those small trunks and the guys behind them are carrying the gifts from the groom to the bride in those containers on their heads. The groom was riding in the car at the end of this procession.

 photo DSC00227copy_zps91d2ea85.jpg  photo DSC00232copy_zpsc2dbf9d2.jpg  photo DSC00240copy_zpsec50be53.jpg

Dancing in the street!

 photo DSC00256copy_zps8b9b82e5.jpg  photo DSC00264copy_zps8f0875fc.jpg

The groom and his parents about to walk into the villa.

 photo DSC00288copy_zpsed4aedf5.jpg  photo DSC00335copy_zps82278fc9.jpg  photo DSC00362copy_zps439554c0.jpg  photo DSC00381copy_zpsaddc4578.jpg  photo DSC00404copy_zps30a6ba4e.jpg

We snuck upstairs for a wardrobe change for Danny.

 photo DSC00467copy_zpsf2b6ed8c.jpg

 photo DSC00490copy_zpsa923abff.jpg  photo DSC00499copy_zpsf3ba28f9.jpg  photo DSC00545copy_zps61bbe92f.jpg  photo DSC00545copy_zps61bbe92f.jpg  photo DSC00664copy_zps77eed5b4.jpg  photo DSC00664copy_zps5636d4c9.jpg  photo DSC00668copy_zpsf0a12b08.jpg

We headed upstairs to put Lily to bed around 12:30 and missed the rest of the wedding, but it raged on until about 3 am! I wish we would have stayed up because the last couple of outfits the bride wore were amazing!!!

It was so fun to get to be a part of Ahmed and Hajar's wedding! Wishing the newlyweds a lifetime of happiness!!!
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Friday, December 5, 2014

The Making of Our Christmas Card

I LOVE Christmas cards. We have sent out Christmas cards every year since we have been married and I love looking at the changes in our family year over year. I also keep every Christmas card we have ever gotten because I like doing the same thing with other peoples families too!

I started brainstorming about this year's card back in the summer (I clearly have too much time on my hands). I knew I wanted it to be something special so that when we looked at that card in years to come we would instantly know that 2014 was the Christmas we lived in Morocco.

Luckily, we live really close to the beach and the guys who give camel rides to tourists literally walk right in front of our house everyday on their way to the beach. I realized that nothing screams "Morocco" like camels! So, we had a camel come to our house for a little Christmas card photo shoot!

We didn't end up with that many great pictures because either the camel wasn't looking, Lily wasn't looking or Lily was doing her creepy toddler smile, but it will surely go down as one of the most memorable things we have ever done. You will also notice that our cat, Tessa, photo bombed almost all of the pictures and had to be cropped out. She is such a diva.

Here comes the camel!

 photo DSC09767copy_zpse973ee70.jpg

He didn't fit through the front gate, so he had to come through the carport gate. 
 photo DSC09775copy_zpsb9c0c726.jpg  photo DSC09783copy_zpsc94d4b39.jpg  photo DSC09787copy_zpsd6039d8a.jpg  photo DSC09791copy_zps30789286.jpg  photo DSC09800copy_zps0896f8f5.jpg  photo DSC09806copy_zps5e1db4c6.jpg  photo DSC09819copy_zpsac089466.jpg

He was ready for his close up. 
 photo DSC09824copy_zps3f9406ff.jpg  photo DSC09831copy_zpsd74ed682.jpg  photo DSC09839copy_zps9e03c00e.jpg

The camel started moving and I panicked!
 photo DSC09842copy_zpsae9b2e1b.jpg

 photo DSC09860copy_zps235ea9e1.jpg

Off to his next job...
 photo DSC09877copy_zpsf5844552.jpg

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

So Thankful

Celebrating an American holiday in a foreign country is tough! First of all, it's not that much fun spending holidays away from family. Second of all, this country does not carry about half of the ingredients we needed for a traditional Thanksgiving meal and lastly, due to the time change, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and football games were all 6 hours behind for us so they were not playing at the appropriate time of day (total first world holiday problems)!

We started off our Thanksgiving holiday by prepping  what we could the night before and turning on a festive candle to get in the Thanksgiving Eve spirit! Lily also made us watch the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving movie for about the 30th time this month.

 photo IMG_9409_zpsc2871fbc.jpg

On Thanksgiving morning we woke up bright and early to have a festive breakfast of cinnamon rolls made to look like turkeys. I am a sucker for a holiday themed breakfast for my little lady!

 photo IMG_9410_zps3482e321.jpg  photo IMG_9414_zps443789ab.jpg  photo IMG_9420_zps949fe226.jpg

After breakfast, it was back in the kitchen to get to the real cooking.

 photo IMG_9426_zps624de7f4.jpg

We ended up making stuffing, turkey breasts, gravy, mac & cheese, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, rolls and sweet tea. Honestly, it all tasted ok but nothing was quite right.

We don't have cheddar cheese in Morocco so the mac & cheese was off. We also don't have real corn meal here so the corn bread stuffing wasn't quite right texture wise, but had good flavor. Our oven is too small to make a whole turkey and we didn't need one for three people which is why we just went with turkey breasts.  They were actually really good! The Moroccan version of sweet potatoes are not the same as what we have in America so the casserole was a white color and not sweet enough. Danny made a valiant effort on the green bean casserole with his fresh green beans, made from scratch cream of mushroom and homemade french fried onions (none of those things are available in a can here) but I think I prefer it with all the processed goodness it is normally made with which is saying a lot because we really don't eat many processed foods. Just goes to show, don't mess with perfection!

 photo IMG_9428_zpse2e70e3a.jpg

We spent the rest of our day relaxing, putting up the Christmas tree after Lily's nap and watching Christmas movies!

You will notice that our tree skirt is actually a sheep skin from the sheep that our driver's family slaughtered during their big holiday a couple months ago. The family had it made into a rug for me and it looked perfect under our dinky little tree. We like to merge cultures around here.

 photo IMG_9430_zps30914ac3.jpg  photo IMG_9438_zps094712a6.jpg

We are now in Christmas mode!
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