Sunday, January 25, 2015

Christmas Vacation Part 2 - Texas

After 3 days in London, we packed up our bags and headed to Texas to celebrate Christmas with the family.

We got down to Brownsville just in time for Christmas Eve. We started off our Christmas Eve festivities with a yummy mexican food breakfast at Toddle Inn.

 photo IMG_9873_zps578747c8.jpg

We spent the rest of the day baking cookies, playing in boxes, giving Uncle Tito a makeover and eating cookies.

 photo IMG_9888_zps4ca6659a.jpg  photo IMG_9897_zpsdc39d441.jpg  photo IMG_9900_zpsbe105c26.jpg  photo IMG_9877_zps575c8c08.jpg  photo IMG_9935_zps65ca3ce7.jpg

A little family picture after church before we headed to my aunt's house.

 photo DSC01066copy_zpsb1386fd8.jpg

Lily LOVES Charlie who is technically my dog but became my mom's dog when I left for college. He is so old and can barely walk or see but he is still the best dog ever!

 photo DSC01076copy_zpsc0b3930e.jpg

Checking out her gifts from Santa on Christmas morning.

 photo IMG_9945_zps11c72d72.jpg  photo DSC01169copy_zps05f096ff.jpg  photo DSC01170copy_zps2f36fc0f.jpg

Lily and Granpy both gave breakfast a thumbs up!

 photo IMG_9947_zpsc5617f31.jpg

After breakfast, we packed up the car to go to Kingsville for Christmas with my Mom's side of the family.

 photo IMG_9963_zps3bd1b257.jpg  photo IMG_9969_zpsbac63cae.jpg

I wish the cemetery was not a place we had to visit.

 photo IMG_9976_zps53286acc.jpg

Some more Charlie snuggles when we got back to Brownsville.

 photo IMG_0002-2_zpsa65531d1.jpg

Lunch date with our very favorite sisters!

 photo IMG_9999_zpscf88cc67.jpg

A yummy mexican treat before heading to the airport.

 photo IMG_0001_zps7cdffd7d.jpg

We got back to Dallas and woke up the next morning to celebrate Christmas with Danny's family!

 photo FullSizeRender-3_zpsb9522d82.jpg  photo FullSizeRender-4_zps068b88f6.jpg

Lily and her cousin Conor both love trains and  had a great time playing with Grandpa's train under the tree.

 photo IMG_0052_zpsb8999aed.jpg  photo DSC01181copy_zpsf477a956.jpg

We tried to take a nice picture, which proved to be impossible. There was not a single picture where everyone had their eyes open and was looking at the camera.

 photo DSC01197copy_zps352d9742.jpg  photo DSC01202copy_zps99802c40.jpg  photo DSC01203copy_zpsfd5235a2.jpg  photo DSC01208copy_zps39f67bf5.jpg

Pete and Lily got impatient and started taking things out of their stockings.

 photo DSC01209copy_zps0e948381.jpg

Then the cousins wrestled.

 photo IMG_0065_zps21ec20de.jpg  photo IMG_0066_zpsb6eb038e.jpg  photo IMG_0098_zpsacfad1d9.jpg

Present time! Lily opened the first present which was this rocking horse and then she spent the next half hour riding it while everyone else opened presents.

Grandpa picked this up for Lily at Home Depot on Black Friday and it was money well spent!

 photo DSC01228copy_zpsff2b243c.jpg

We spent the rest of our time in Dallas hanging out with friends and relaxing.

 photo IMG_0112_zps82a9916d.jpg  photo IMG_0114_zps4943e2a4.jpg  photo IMG_0131_zps3e59b26f.jpg  photo IMG_0135_zpsf115b422.jpg  photo IMG_0138_zpsbebfa35b.jpg  photo IMG_0142_zps3476a655.jpg  photo IMG_0147_zps2c39331c.jpg

 photo IMG_0148_zpsc6226cde.jpg  photo IMG_0149_zpsae72ae8d.jpg

And then it was all over way too soon and we had to head back to Morocco. Our time in Texas is never long enough. Even though I love life here in Morocco, there really is no place like home.

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Christmas Vacation Part 1 - London

For the second year in a row Christmas was a little different for us. Last year we were living in a temporary apartment in Dallas during Christmas and this year we are living halfway around the world. I  hate to complain because we are healthy and happy which is really the only thing that matters in the grand scheme of things, but I would be lying if I said it didn't kind of bum me out that we weren't in our own home and doing fun Christmasy stuff with friends and family leading up to the big day.

We decided to break up our trip home to Texas with a three day stop in London and I am so glad we did. London is just beautiful at Christmas and we had such a fun time seeing the sights and getting in the Christmas spirit!

Our vacation actually started out in Marrakech since we decided to fly out of that airport instead of the Agadir one. Lily and I had never been to Marrakech, so we got into town a few hours before our flight so we could have lunch and do some exploring.

The first thing Danny told Lily as we were walking up to the big square was, "Don't touch the monkeys!" Well, that didn't last long because the minute we walked up to the area where the monkeys and cobras and their handlers are waiting to catch tourists, 2 monkeys jumped up on Danny's shoulder.

 photo IMG_9645_zpsac7a3cce.jpg

We spent a couple of hours just walking around the souk, getting fresh squeezed orange juice and having lunch. Marrakech was a beautiful city and I am hoping we have a chance to go back and do some more exploring when we have more time!

 photo IMG_9660_zps1996f64f.jpg
 photo IMG_9665_zpsc5d18856.jpg  photo IMG_9669_zpsbdfaad27.jpg

We got into London late at night so we just did a quick dinner and went straight to bed so we could rest up for the next day and meeting SANTA!

 photo IMG_9674_zps7365b4c0.jpg

We started our day with a lovely breakfast at our hotel and then a short walk to Hyde Park for Winter Wonderland. The entire park is transformed into a beautiful Christmas village with crafts, food, rides, games, etc. We were there on the Saturday before Christmas so it was packed, but we still really enjoyed it. Our main goal was to get a picture with Santa since this would be our only opportunity to see the big guy this year. We got to the park about 15 minutes after it opened and had to wait about 45 minutes to see Santa.

 photo IMG_9688_zpsa0a52eb6.jpg  photo IMG_9699_zps7b7d5b07.jpg

Lily was a little nervous to see Santa this year.

 photo DSC00696copy_zpsab144617.jpg

Can you read that body language, haha!

 photo DSC00710copy_zps1b6fdb00.jpg

She warmed up a little when Santa gave her a little pink alligator toy, but she still didn't want to be too close to him.

 photo DSC00726copy_zpsd6e5fefd.jpg  photo DSC00730copy_zps955979b9.jpg

We spent the rest of the morning in Winter Wonderland walking around, letting Lily ride her first roller coaster and eating a yummy German lunch.

 photo IMG_9728_zps19342408.jpg  photo IMG_9738_zps85971fa4.jpg  photo IMG_9741_zps81ae56da.jpg  photo FullSizeRender-2_zpsb301a1cb.jpg

After nice naps for all of us we went down to the hotel lounge and had some afternoon tea and appetizers before heading out to Harrods.

 photo IMG_9753_zpse7ddfdba.jpg  photo IMG_9783_zps9b2a78b2.jpg

Family pic in the elevator

 photo IMG_9756_zps0a990c0d.jpg

We loved all the pretty lights we saw on our walk to Harrods.

 photo DSC00768copy_zps4fcfb7dc.jpg

We found a red telephone booth so we had to stop for a quick photo shoot!

 photo IMG_9759_zps485b3401.jpg  photo IMG_9766_zps7f1965ea.jpg  photo IMG_9772_zpsdf5bf6d7.jpg  photo IMG_9773_zpsc5ddc013.jpg

We walked around Harrods for about an hour. I was amazed at how huge it was! Seriously the biggest store I have ever been in. Lily was mostly concerned with hugging all the bears.

 photo DSC00779copy_zps501b3e23.jpg  photo DSC00791copy_zpsbf00b71f.jpg

The next morning we headed out to see Buckingham Palace which was right down the street from our hotel.

 photo DSC00813copy_zps94d362c8.jpg  photo DSC00839copy_zpsaa14fbeb.jpg

I came to London on a study abroad trip in college and have a picture in this same park with some girlfriends, so it was fun to get some pictures of Lily in the same place. She ran, jumped, picked up sticks and had the best time playing here. I just love how happy she looks in these pictures!
 photo DSC00868copy_zpsddc6ea41.jpg  photo DSC00874copy_zps7c505036.jpg  photo DSC00932copy_zps3751099c.jpg  photo DSC00934copy_zpsc0d9db0b.jpg  photo DSC00933copy_zps0d5b1b3c.jpg  photo DSC00937copy_zps15173c6d.jpg

We literally had to drag her away from the park and pry a giant stick from her hand, but after we accomplished that, we headed back to Winter Wonderland. Lily wanted to ride the roller coaster again. She LOVED that ride and ended up riding it three times in a row! We ended up spending about $30 for her to ride this thing but she had a blast and that is what vacation is for!

 photo DSC00999copy_zpsfdc8dfb5.jpgOn our way to the hotel for naps, we stopped at a pub to have some fish & chips and bangers & mash. So yummy!

 photo IMG_9848_zps5f03c252.jpg

That evening we rode the tube to Trafalger Square to see the giant Christmas tree. For some reason, I was under the impression that this one was even bigger than the one at Rockefeller Center so I was expecting it to be totally amazing. Well, I was wrong, haha. It was nothing like the tree at Rockefeller Center!

 photo IMG_9858_zps9b63599e.jpg

Since the Trafalger Square Tree was a bust, we hopped back on the tube and went to Regent Street (or maybe Bond Street) to look at lights and get a hot cocoa.

 photo DSC01021copy_zps258e6bc4.jpg  photo DSC01032copy_zps1da65f86.jpg  photo DSC01029copy_zps6b2c3f20.jpg

Then it was back to the hotel for a quick dinner and to re-pack our bags so we could head to Texas the next morning!

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