Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Recap (a little late)

This weekend we had our sights set on making major progress in the kitchen renovation. Priority number one for me was to get the new faucet running so we could reconnect the water in the kitchen and do dishes and run the dishwasher. It turns out that while Danny is great at most home improvement related projects, he is no master plumber.

We went to Home Depot 7 times this weekend to get stuff to get the faucet working! 7 times!!!

At the end of Danny's hours of work we ended up with a drip free sink, a new garbage disposal, all new pipes underneath the sink and running water!

Due to our plumbing issues, we weren't able to start on getting the back splash up, but I was able to get all the bottom cabinets painted and the doors hung! Hopefully we can get the rest of the cabinets done during the week after work and next weekend we can focus on the back splash!

Sunday the girls and I went to The Grape for a Birthday brunch for Katie! The food was AMAZING! Kiki and I had the Belgian waffle topped with strawberries , pecans and the most delicious whipped cream I have ever tasted. Neither of us left any food on our plates! I will for sure be going back here again.

Anyway, Katie loves to cook so the birthday gift I got her was cooking themed. I got her a cute little robin's egg blue ruffled baking dish and I made her a coordinating dish towel with a K on it.

Here are the goods.

I have been wanting to start making cute dish towels for a while now so Katie's bday was the perfect excuse to get my craft on. I think my first project came out pretty well! I mean she can never wash it or it will probably fall apart but it is cute to look at!

All of my friends will probably be getting some of these very soon as I work on perfecting my skills!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Wedding Gifts

The past couple of days Danny and I have been talking about what we should get each other for wedding gifts. I am not one for surprises so I already told him what I wanted and I told him I would probably get him a watch.

Anyway, we both work for the same company and were just chatting online a few minutes ago about certain brands and prices of watches and the following conversation took place when I told him the type of watch I was looking into:

Danny: seriously, we don't NEED to get expensive gifts. My gift is you as my wife!

Me: awww, that is sweet.

Danny: and believe me, I will be paying for it for years!

3 months to go

Today is exactly 3 months until our wedding!

I finally made a list of all the things that we still need to get done because Shellie (matron of honor who just got married last year) came over the other day and started asking me things about napkins and sendoff stuff and favors. I mean I literally just ordered the wedding invitations 3 days ago so there is no way I had even thought about the stuff she mentioned.

Once I made my list I realized that I forgot I had to get Danny a wedding ring! So now that has moved to the top of the newly created wedding to do list.

So, three months, a lot to do, and the countdown begins to the happiest day of our lives!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Almost There!

Today is a big day for us at Casa de Tsukahara (I know we aren't married yet, but whatever). As I type this, the granite counter tops are being installed in the kitchen! I cannot wait to go home to see the little beauties!

I am losing count of how many weeks we have been in the house ( I think this is the start of the sixth week), and I was seriously about to have a meltdown this weekend because the kitchen was not ready. It still won't be ready just because the counter tops are in, but this is major progress people! Now all the we have to do to get the kitchen completed is do the back splash (this could be a disaster or the ultimate money saver since we are doing it ourselves), paint, finish the cabinet doors, and get the plumber to come out so we can get gas in the kitchen and use the stove. Hopefully we can have it all done in the next two weeks. I am getting pretty tired of eating cereal for dinner every night!

In other house related news (sorry, I really don't have anything else exciting going on in my life right now), this weekend I painted Danny's office and the kitchen table and chairs. I am not sure how we ended in up with gray paint (we thought we were getting a brownish color) but I am glad we did because the room looks pretty nice. The paint color is called Empire and it is from Lowe's. Speaking of paint from Lowe's, I think I have decided that I like the Behr paint from Home Depot better than the Valspar paint at Lowe's. I just don't think that the Valspar paint covers as well. Anyway, I got off track. I will post the finished product once we get his desk set up and our diplomas on the wall.

Here is our progress so far -
Guestroom - DONE
Guest bathroom - DONE
Craft room - DONE
Master bedroom - need headboard to complete
Danny's office - need to get furniture in and setup
Living room - needs accessories
Kitchen - almost done
Formal living and dining room - not started
Man room - not started
Backyard - not started
Master bathroom - not started

As you can see we are making pretty good progress for only being in the house for 6 weeks but we still have a lot more to go!

Hopefully I will have a finished kitchen to show you soon!