Thursday, July 30, 2009

An Intern's Tale (or should I say tail)

So, I work for a huge company that shall remain nameless. We get interns every year. Most of the time we like them (even if they aren’t cut out for this job). Well, yesterday my favorite Jew (I love the Jews), told me the best story I have heard in the past 3 months.

The intern came into work 2 hours late because of a doctor’s appointment and the following conversation took place :

Intern: “Sorry I am late. I had a doctor’s appointment.”

Jew: “Oh, that’s cool. Was it the eye doctor?” (he had been talking about the eye doctor for days)

Intern: “Haha, funny story actually. I kinda come from a bad gene pool I guess because my family has this thing where we have growths on the very end of our tailbones that are really painful. I had mine removed last year, but it came back so I had to go get it done again.”

Jew: “Uhhh, ok.”

This guy has a lot to learn.

Lesson #1 – Don’t go around telling people you have a tail, especially at work.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Meet the Fam

This is Oliver
Pretty cute, huh? He is my 7 month old Havanese puppy. He enjoys chewing on his rope, dragging his blanket around, eating things out of the bathroom trashcan (this is a new and disgusting development that I am trying to make him stop ASAP), and biting this guys ankles...

This is Ender

He belongs to my fiance. He is a 2 1/2 year old pound puppy. He is a trouble maker to the max and has been known to chew up sunglasses, shoes, suits, mattresses, you name it he has destroyed it. With the exception of getting an entire bag of peanut brittle off the kitchen table last week and eating the whole thing while I was at work, he has pretty much grown out of his crazy ways.

And this ladies and gentlemen is the lucky guy who gets to marry me in about 11 months! He is pretty much the best thing ever. In fact, he is in the other room as I type working on the website for our wedding. I think he is making it from scratch but I don't know much about making a website so don't take my word for it. He also designed a monogram for the wedding the other day which turned out great! He is pretty talented and is helping me out so much with wedding stuff. I am a lucky girl.

These three guys keep me on my toes and although there are some days I want to trade one or more of them in, I love them!

First Blog Post!

Update : * It looks like I may have more than one reader! The fiance said he would read my blog and hopefully my other bestie Poodle will read it too! I am on my way to all sorts of blogging awards, I can just feel it! *

So, I have been a major fan of blogs for the past couple of years. I have about 20 blogs saved on my internet favorites that I visit at least once a day (more like 5). With a little persuading from my bestie Ash, I decide to finally start my own blog (even if she is the only one who reads it)!