Thursday, April 16, 2015

More Family Fun

Two weeks after my dad and brother left us we were spoiled with more family coming to visit!

Danny's cousin Misty and her family have been living in Italy for her husband's job the past couple of years. The kids had a week off of school for spring break so they decided to knock seeing Africa off their list of trips and visit us at the same time!

They spent the first part of their trip in Marrakech and then came to Agadir to see us for their last two days of vacation.

We were so happy to have a house full of family! The kids are between 9 and 17 years old and were all so sweet with Lily. She was basically in Heaven having so many big kids around to play with!

The kids jumped at the chance to eat Pizza Hut!
 photo IMG_0844_zpsmkiapody.jpg

Our big crew walking to the beach.
 photo IMG_0849_zpsqctwbr2r.jpg

The big kids braved the cold Atlantic Ocean.
 photo IMG_0853_zpsvnbx18ma.jpg

Mia took Lily on a little beach walk.
 photo IMG_0856_zpsuzmjla1p.jpg

 photo IMG_0863_zps0hepvxwb.jpg  photo IMG_0871_zpsvocpnaam.jpg

Having a house full of kids was so fun!
 photo IMG_0879_zpsas08dywf.jpg

Lily wanted to be wherever Mia was.
 photo IMG_0881_zpsqkyekcei.jpg

Our cutie cousins.
 photo IMG_0884_zpssniteuur.jpg

Showing some Aggie pride!
 photo IMG_0888_zpshvmyzeht.jpg

Lils convinced Mia to give her a wagon ride before they left!
 photo IMG_0896_zpszrowembq.jpg

It was such a treat to have the Kecks here with us for a couple of days. Lily still wakes up asking if her cousins are coming to our house today and they have been gone for a week!
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